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Explore the Businesses of Harrow on the Hill

In an age of large corporations taking over the British high street, Harrow on the Hill, as a modern village of London, having a range of independent, one off stores, shops, cafes and restaurants are something to be treasured and celebrated in the local community as well as by those passing through.

Being within walking distance of the prestigious Harrow School and well connected to London and surrounding Boroughs, Harrow on the Hill can offer unique stores in historical buildings in a modern village high street close to the big city.

The range of business on the Hill really reflects the diverse and inclusive culture experienced by those that both live and visit here, including Indian, French, Chinese and Italian cuisine to list just a few, as well as a unique Arts Cafe. Harrow on the Hill has also remained largely untouched in terms of architecture, which creates a picturesque high street full of listed, period properties and shops. 

Striking a fine balance between busy modern life and an old village centre, Harrow on the Hill finds a perfect middle ground.