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The Community

The Community


The foundation of any community is the schools in which its new members grow up and create the community of the future. Harrow on the Hill boasts some of the most successful schools in the country, including the renowned Harrow School, which has educated seven Prime Ministers since its opening in 1572 and continuing to uphold it’s outstanding reputation. Outside of Harrow School there are many other primary, middle and secondary schools as well as sixth form colleges who have community and respect for others at the core of their teaching in addition to their high standard of education and strong exam results.

Local Businesses

Harrow on the Hill High Street is blessed with a large number of independently owned shops, restaurants, cafes and pharmacies; a rarity in today’s world of large corporations and chain eateries. The restaurants and pubs in particular show off Harrow on the Hill’s vast cultural wealth, by simply looking at the range of food available; from authentic Chinese, French and Italian cuisine, as well as pubs that combine British and Indian cultures by severing Indian foods and British beers, modernising and broadening the British pub culture,in a way seemingly unique to Harrow on the Hill. Similarly, the Hill’s love for all things vintage is apparent through the popularity of period building restoration and preservation, an antique light shop, vintage tea rooms and art cafes, creating a classic atmosphere which is ever more special in the modern world.

The Harrow Hill Trust

Woodward Estate Agents are proud to be associated with The Harrow Hill Trust which is a volunteer-run community organisation that looks after the people and places of the Harrow-on-the-Hill conservation area. You can find more about the Trust and its aims via their website.

When you buy a property through Woodward Estate Agents, we will pay for your first year’s membership fee for the Harrow Hill Trust.

The Harrow Hill Forum

The Harrow Hill Forum was established by Harrow Council in 1989 to enhance the vibrancy of the Hill. It comprises of members of the community including school and church representatives, the heads of local businesses and residents which are nominated each year by the Council to ensure the Hill is protected and functions as a busy village high street.

Churches on the Hill 

One of the most prominent features of Harrow on the Hill is St Mary’s Church, famous for its extraordinarily high spire and fantastic view across London and the rest of Harrow. This Grade 1 listed building and a landmark for Harrow and Harrow on the Hill is looked after and maintained by the church which has fundraisers to aid the expensive repair of the building. The Church sees its communal duties stretching beyond the Parish boundaries and aims to create a sense of unity under the Church of England religion within the community in an educational, charitable and spiritual way inclusive to all who wish to take part. Another church that has community at its core is Christ Church Roxeth which has a busy events list including youth and children’s groups, jelly tots,  knitting groups and women’s groups to bring the community together both in and outside of the church.



Charities on the Hill

An important part of any community was how it looks after its members and in Harrow on the Hill that can be seen through the charities that fundraise and work here. One of the most prominent charity on the Hill is the Salvation Army who support the homeless, the lonely, mothers and toddlers by providing food and a safe space to meet people and talk whatever their religion. Additionally the Salvation Army are a vital part of the Carols on the Green which is hosted outside our Harrow on the Hill office every year, the week before Christmas, they provide the music, word sheets and help to bring the community together in song. Another major charity on the Hill is Mind which is a national mental health charity with a fundraising shop, where to proceeds go to looking after the mental health of the community, Mind provides specialist counselling and aid for people struggling with mental health issues. Lastly, but by no means least, is the PDSA which provides free healthcare pets whose owners can’t afford to treatment they need or for pets in need of protection. Again a charity shop raises funds for this cause on the hill, any charity shop on the hill is worth a look because you never know what treasures you might find and the funds go towards helping people both on the Hill and across the country. For more information on the charities, what they do and how you can help please visit the links below.




Green Areas

An important feature that makes Harrow on the Hill, is it’s green, outdoor spaces which are becoming more and more unique when compared to the growing city of London and other surrounding boroughs. Harrow School Golf Course and Playing Fields provide large open areas which help to give Harrow a more airy, village feel as opposed to built up London. A little further out there is also the Grove Open Space which is a large green area on one side of Harrow on the Hill which can be used freely by the public to walk, run or just spend some time away from the busy village. For more information click: http://www.londongardensonline.org.uk/gardens-online-record.php?ID=HRW015