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Harrow On the Hill: A High-Reward Property Investment Area

about 1 year ago
Harrow On the Hill: A High-Reward Property Investment Area

As the real estate market continues to evolve in 2023, savvy investors are constantly seeking opportunities with the potential for high returns. One such location is Harrow on the Hill, located Northwest, just 12 miles from Central London. With its rich history, vibrant community, and strategic location, Harrow on the Hill presents an enticing investment opportunity like no other.

In recent years, the property market in Harrow on The Hill has been on the rise. This is due to a number of factors, including the area’s excellent location, strong transport links, and excellent schools, including the exclusive and globally well-known boarding school – Harrow School. As a result, property prices in Harrow on The Hill are more affordable than in many other parts of London, at the moment.

“As a seasoned property lettings agent with years of experience, having lived in the area most of my life, I have had the privilege of assisting countless landlords in seeking the right vetted tenants for their properties and maximising their profits in the area. And only with a proven track record of success I confidently affirm the potential of Harrow-on-the-Hill as a fantastic area to live and invest.” Elena Marzorati, Property Lettings Manager at Woodward Estate Agents.

In this article, we will dissect the five key reasons why investing in Harrow on the Hill can yield substantial returns on your investment.

Five reasons why investing in Harrow on the Hill will bring a high return on your investment

  • Strong rental demand with high rental yields – The demand for rental properties in Harrow on the Hill is thriving, making it a perfect location for buy-to-let investments. The high demand for renting ensures consistent occupancy rates and offers huge potential for attractive rental yields. Our latest market analysis numbers suggest that the average rental yield in Harrow on the Hill stands nearly at 5%, outperforming the national average of 3,6%.
  • Affordable property prices – Our latest research finds that the average property price in Harrow on the Hill over the last 12 months is around £500,000. This is significantly lower than the average property price in Central London, which is about £740,000. Naturally, we do expect some further growth over the next year. With great transport links into Central London and as London we see prices increasing in the future.
  • Flourishing labour market ripe with job opportunities – The area benefits from a robust local economy driven by education, healthcare, technology, and retail sectors. As a result, the unemployment rate in Harrow on the Hill is below the national average, and the average wage is higher than the national average.
    The labour market in Harrow on the Hill is expected to remain strong in the future. The area is proliferating, so the need for skilled workers to support this growth is in unison. In essence, this positively impacts the property market, pushing the property and rental prices up, making it an attractive investment for property investors.
  • Regeneration and infrastructure development – Over the last few years, the local council has invested in improving public spaces, enhancing community facilities, and upgrading transportation networks. The rejuvenation projects have revitalized the area, making it even more appealing to residents and investors.
    One notable example of regeneration is the Harrow View East development, a large-scale residential and commercial project. This initiative has increased the housing supply and boosted property values in the surrounding area. As the local infrastructure continues to evolve, property prices are expected to appreciate further, providing investors with substantial capital growth potential.
  • Excellent connectivity – One of the key reasons Harrow on the Hill is so attractive to young families, working professionals and commuters alike is the outstanding transport links connecting to Central London. The accessibility factor contributes to sustained property demand, fuelling property price growth.

Is investing in Harrow on the Hill property worth your time?

As you can see, many promising factors support the idea of a thriving Harrow on the Hill economy. Which, in turn, will result in a booming property market bringing higher yields for property investors. Whether you’re just flipping houses or building a property portfolio, as experts in the local area, we strongly recommend considering Harrow on the Hill as a prime investment opportunity.

If you’re looking for an abundant investment opportunity…

Don’t miss out on the chance to invest in Harrow on the Hill’s prospering property market. We are market leaders in Harrow on the Hill for both property sales and property lettings. Contact Woodward Estate Agents today to explore the available high-reward property investment opportunities and embark on a journey towards lucrative returns.

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