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Time to buy

Posted: 8th June 2020

Category: General

Has there ever been a better time to Buy a Home? Have mortgages ever been cheaper?  The simple answer to both is No!

And this is probably why our Sales Team is so busy with buyers at the moment.

With Brexit toxicity fading from the market as it is inevitably pushed down the road once more, plus a Bank of England Base Rate reduction to a new record low of just 0.1%, there are currently some truly incredible Fixed Rate mortgage deals available.  If you have been renting whilst waiting for the right moment to buy, you might sense that with the ability to fix your mortgage at around 1.5% for 5 years (or 2.0%/10), that moment has well and truly arrived!

Quite rightly our government has been doing plenty to encourage home ownership for the past few years, what with Help to Buy, Lifetime ISA’s , Stamp Duty slashed for First Time Buyers, dis-incentivising  Landlords and so forth.  With a market that has largely plateaued for 5 years since the concept of Brexit came to the fore, perhaps it is time to lessen focus on price fluctuations and remember that the sooner in life you buy, the sooner you will pay off your mortgage.  With rates at an all-time low, most of your repayment is just that - a repayment of your loan.  This will bring freedom from debt much sooner in the future along with the security and pleasure of owning your own home.   So with outgoings fixed for 5 or even 10 years ahead, this really does seem the ideal moment to buy.

Call and Register with us!  We will guide you through the home-buying process and work with you to find the right property in Harrow on the Hill and the Harrow area.  We have been investing heavily in fabulour 3D Virtual Viewings that allow you to get a real feel for the property before a physical viewing.