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Team Woodward Estate Agents charity cycle 2016

Posted: 15th September 2016

Category: Events

I learned two important lessons on Sunday’s London to Brighton charity cycle.  That I am no longer 25 years old and determination is not a substitute for training!

Adam set a blistering pace and finished 70th out of 2,303 starters, an amazing achievement.

Livvy and Kate fortunately missed a road closure following a nasty road accident (otherwise I would have had you Livvy;  honestly …) and posted an excellent time, vanquishing the ghosts of last year’s DNF.  Well done ladies.

David, Hippo (you are a legend Steve), Toby and I cycled together swapping the lead like Team Sky, and finished respectfully despite holdups, including a nasty spill for Toby.  Toby was definitely “King of the Mountain” cycling all of the formidable 475 foot high Ditching Beacon at his first attempt, but I crossed the line in Brighton 2 seconds ahead, admittedly weaving to keep him behind me (it’s a father – son thing).  Thank you guys for your amazing support and friendship.

This has been a wonderful journey for me.  Not just the day and the 54 miles, but achieving something silly.  Most importantly, my super generous sponsors donated £667 for Children with Cancer UK which, when added to my colleague cyclist’s fund raising, will I am sure be a significant sum for this fantastic charity (my list of sponsors can be found by clicking here)

Our collective thanks to Sam, Mary and my good friend Simon Keeler for giving up their entire day in support of us (great sandwiches Sam!). 

Finally, thank you to the unknown lady who passed me cheering “Go Team Children with Cancer” which moved my heart and brought extra resolve to mile 38. 

For that if nothing else, it is a day I will never forget