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Lessoned Learned and Lockdown v2

Posted: 3rd November 2020

Category: General

One thing that has proved to be resistant to Covid19 is the property market, which has if anything fed off the pandemic.

Looking back at the spring lockdown, it seemed to act as an incubation period as coronavirus fuelled people’s desire to move to larger homes, often in more relaxed locations. Certainly that has been our experience, with many fine homes being snapped up by Harrow on the Hill buyers who appreciate the quality, desire the enviable location or require the extra space. Or all three!

One area of public and commercial activity not to have been locked down this time around is the property market. So the answer seems straightforward; it will be business as usual – with all the necessary social distancing measures adhered to of course.

We know that these extraordinary market conditions can’t last forever. But these second-wave precautionary measures might even act to further fan the flames of the current market.

Completion by Christmas is often the aim when buying or selling property in the autumn. But now there is another target date, March 31st: this is the day the stamp duty relaxation measure is due to end. Buyers will be racing to find properties and complete purchases to avoid extra expense – money they could use for deposits or improvements to their new homes.

Of course, the Chancellor may postpone the cut-off date, or best of all discontinue this unpopular and opportunistic windfall tax altogether. But if he does neither strap yourself in - it’s going to be a hectic five months.

Fortunately, if there is one thing we learned how to do during the initial lockdown it was to work successfully in a highly unusual and demanding property market. Now we will continue to use that experience to ensure that our buyers and sellers can move, not just when they want to but also when they need to.

And that is when you need a highly experienced Estate Agent to get you to the finishing line. Now more than ever.