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  • Harrow on the Hill Fire Engine 1908

Harrow on the Hill day 30 April 2022

Posted: 12th April 2022

Category: Events

Together with Harrow School and The Hill community, we are delighted to bring to you a fun and interesting afternoon’s family entertainment to be held on The Hill on Saturday 30th April.

It is all part of Harrow School celebrating it’s 450th anniversary since receiving it’s Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth I in 1572.

The High Street will be closed to traffic and the day’s events spread from Woodward Estate Agent’s sponsored Edwardian Band Stand (by The Green) all the way to Harrow School, St Mary’s Church and the top part of West Street.

The High Street is taking on an Edwardian theme (reflecting the visit of Edward VII in 1905), West Street a Victorian theme and appropriately the School Tudor Elizabethan.

There is too much to list here, so details have been put on the Harrow School website here:  which will be updated continuously until the day itself.

I hope you can come along and enjoy this street celebration with us.   If you are booking into one of the restaurants, I suggest you do so now.  If you can not join us but are travelling, please be aware of the road closure and altered bus route for the day.

We look forward to welcoming you on the day.