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  • Deed of Surrender

Deed of Surrender

Posted: 29th December 2017

Category: General

If you are a Landlord of an Assured Shorthold tenancy and agree to end the tenancy early (for example if the tenant can no longer afford the rent) our advice is to always use a DEED OF SURRENDER to do so.  The deed should have everything that is agreed to in it and be signed and witnessed by both parties. 

The deed should cover such agreed terms as:

The date the tenancy is to be surrendered and vacant possession returned to the landlord

Application of the tenant's deposit - for instance if it is being used to cover unpaid rent

Access for viewings

Costs, for example the letting agent's re-letting fees

Conduct at the end of the tenancy, for example cleaning and dilapidations

and any other terms appropriate.

The use of a Deed of Surrender will be invaluable should the terms of surrender be disputed at a later date.