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Residential Letting has always been a complex world, but never more so than today.  Surrounded by legislation and regulation, there are so many ways a well-intentioned landlord can end up in trouble.

That is why landlords for over 20 years have relied upon our experience and technical knowledge, whether letting a single property or an extensive portfolio.

Finding the “right” tenant - A personal approach
All agents do the same thing right?  Wrong!  True many have their own internet sites and list with portals, but the difference is more subtle than that.  Spending time with a potential tenant, negotiating the best deal for our landlord and only introducing someone we would rent our own property to is not what you will find amongst all agents.

Choosing the “right” tenant
Many of the old horror stories about letting a property refer to the old Rent Acts, no longer applicable in today’s modern world of property letting.

However, that is not to say that all elements of risk have been removed.  We always take steps to satisfy our clients and ourselves that a tenant under consideration has the capacity to meet their obligations.

A successful letting starts with finding the “right tenant” rather than just “a tenant”.

Refreshingly “old fashioned”.
We use specialist referencing companies and drill down on their findings before discussing the results with you; they don’t have to live with an error of judgement!  We believe our (admittedly old fashioned) method to be more rigorous, tried and tested.   On all prospective tenants we apply for bank references or alternatives for the main income earner, employment references and where possible a previous landlord or managing agent.  Company Lets are of course handled a little differently.

Also unlike many agents we share the references with our clients and discuss the matter carefully with you before accepting a proposed tenant on your behalf.